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SIUPREM Named Presenting Sponsor of the Atlanta Making Strides Walk 2021

More than a decade, through the support of our Independent Insurance Agency Partners, IACure has donated over half a million dollars to Cancer Awareness and Research. We were so excited to be back in person this year for the walk and to see everyone.

Click here to see a recap of this amazing event.

IACure Featured in the October Issue of Give Atlanta 2021

IACure, in partnership with the American Cancer Society, are featured in the October issue of the GIVE Atlanta magazine.  To see the digital version of the October issue, click here to view.


Marina K. Holz, PhD Thanks SIUPREM and IACure Agents for Their Contribution to Cancer Research

With the support and business of our Agency Partners, SIUPREM was able to donate $50,000 to the new TheoryLab Collaborative Grant last year. One of the researchers, Marina K. Holz, PhD, sent a personal thank you video to SIUPREM and IACure. We are honored and excited to see how the research, through the grant, will help fight cancer in years to come.

To view the video from Dr. Holz, click here.


SIUPREM Makes Leadership Commitment to Innovative Cancer Research Initiative

Siuprem is partnering with the American Cancer Society (ACS) to boost scientific collaboration and accelerate progress against cancer. Research breakthroughs have contributed to steadily improving cancer survival rates. In fact, overall cancer mortality rates in the U.S. have declined 31% since 1991. But, there is still more progress to be made and lives to be saved. Improved collaboration between scientists and clinical professionals could speed research to help more people affected by cancer sooner. That is why Siuprem is investing in ACS TheoryLab, an online community built for the widespread community of cancer scientists connected to the American Cancer Society. Through TheoryLab, the brightest minds in cancer research can share ideas and join discussions that might not happen otherwise. In addition to connecting researchers, the initiative will find and fund new collaborative research projects with the potential to advance what we know about cancer. Siuprem is proud to be the naming funder of a new TheoryLab Collaborative Grant investigating new treatment options for triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC), which can be particularly difficult to treat. This research, led by Michael Benjamin Major, PhD, and Marina K. Holz, PhD, could potentially lead to more of a targeted treatment of TNBC, which tends to be more aggressive and more likely to affect younger people, African Americans and Hispanics. Siuprem is proud to support this innovative, collaborative approach to fighting cancer.


SIUPREM & SIU Meets with Dr. Karen Knudsen

We had the pleasure of meeting, Dr. Karen Knudsen, the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of the American Cancer Society. Dr. Knudsen has a strong passion for fighting cancer through early detection. We are excited about our partnership with the American Cancer Society and Dr. Knudsen.

To learn more about how you can join the fight and the importance of early detection, please visit


Infinite Opportunities to Make a Difference

Our agency partner, Infinite Insurance & Housing Solutions, LLC, not only participates in the annual South Alabama Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk, they also have a non-profit called Infinite Opportunities. Infinite Opportunities started during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Despite when it started, they are providing food and shelter for those that cannot afford those necessities in their area. They are committed to help as many people as they can to help change their lives.

To learn more about Infinite Opportunities and their mission, please click here.